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  • Why You Need our Dementia Friends Program


    Rhode island has the single largest proportion of citizens over the age of 85 in the United States. Yet, we’re lagging behind several States with providing comprehensive programming and grassroots awareness for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

    While a statewide initiative has been in the pre-launch stages, we’re taking a pro-active approach to empowering our community by bringing the nationally recognized Dementia Friends program to Rhode Island!

    So what is it, and why is it important? Let us explain.

    Today there are over 23,000 diagnosed cases of Alzheimer’s in Rhode Island, while the actual number including all forms of Dementia is likely significantly higher. People who are in the various stages of Dementia interact with us on a daily basis. Perhaps they are the Seniors we deliver daily meals to. Or perhaps they are the Silver gentleman we see weekly at the supermarket. While we cannot control the onset of this disease, we can control how we react to those living with it daily. We need to reduce the shame and stigma from a disease which strips nearly everything from those who battle it. 

    The Dementia Friends curriculum is simple and requires no formal medical training to understand and implement. We cover five key points and messages for attendees, and provide powerful metaphorical examples which reinforce the importance of understanding the most successful relationship management skills for people we deal with daily.

    Ultimately, we’re hoping to make this a Statewide initiative. If you’d like to learn more, or schedule a session for your Church, Library, Company, or any organization please contact us today. We’re committed to making a positive change for our community.

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