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  • Who's On Your Team?


    Super Bowl fifty-three took place last night in Atlanta, Georgia and as predicted The New England Patriots were victorious in securing their sixth victory. Tens of millions of viewers tuned in from around the country, and around the globe to see Tom Brady lead his team to an impressive win over the Los Angeles Rams.

    It got me to thinking about the power of teamwork, and the need to have a level of accountability for all those included in a team. Let’s talk about what a team really is. It’s a group of people who come together to work towards a common goal. We have teams of our own in everyday life. Coworkers, family members, even club members become part of ‘our team’. When one member of the team falls ill or sustains an injury, it’s only right that the remaining members work to make up the difference

    When your team is your family, there’s a lot of dynamics in play. And when it comes to family members who are aging and in need of assistance, you need a good game plan.

    You’re not alone in wondering what to do next. Right now, all across the country, 43.5 million Americans are acting in the role of ‘informal caregiver’ for a family member or loved one. Out of those numbers, over 15.7 million provide care for a loved one with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. The ratio of male to female individuals providing care and support are certainly not equal with women providing over 65% of care required. This places an enormous burden on her, and those additional people she takes care of on a daily basis.

    It’s a stressful time, but it doesn’t have to be! When they look at the level of ‘burden’ assumed by our everyday MVP’s shouldering all that additional responsibility, over 41% tip the scales at ‘high burden’ according to the Level of Care Index. This can manifest in financial, emotional, psychological and physical negative consequences. When you’re struggling to keep the team afloat, you do have a reliable option waiting for their turn to assist.

    One Solution Home Care was launched in 2012 to meet the needs of area families who need a skilled assist for a loved one. Our agency is different in that we are not a franchise, it’s a family owned and operated organization who only recruits the top caregivers on to our team. Many people worry about caregiver turnover, meaning that the caregiver who came today may be replaced by another tomorrow. We’re proud to report that our group has an unusually low turnover rate, with an average yearly retention rate of 88%!

    We give you options! In many cases, two or three team members can be introduced to a client to see who the client likes best. Rapport and trust are something we take very seriously. You’ll always know who is coming to your home has been diligently screened, trained, and coached for excellence.

    “ But my Father prefers a male caregiver” – not a problem! We have recruited some of the best male caregivers working today, in order to ensure you’re comfortable with your care-giving plan.

    However you choose to manage your family’s in home care, you have the right to have an agency in your corner with the expertise you need. If you are thinking you or your loved one can use a hand today, please contact us.

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