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  • Temporary Caregiver Insurance Fast Facts


    Rhode Island is certainly not devoid of State benefits for stressful times that people face. There’s Temporary Disability Insurance or TDI as we refer to it, which provides income for Rhode Islanders who have either a serious illness or injury. There's EBT, WIC, etc... But, have you heard of Temporary Caregiver Insurance TCI? Many people have not, and are not taking advantage of this four week program which allows for replacement income in the event of a sick family member or bonding with a newborn child. Here’s some statistics on the program as current as August, 2019:

    TCI claims – Of the 4,177 initial TDI applications filed during the month of August 1,117 (26.7%) were Temporary Caregiver Insurance benefits (TCI). A total of 631 (56.5%) were approved and 486 (43.5%) were pending.

    Type of Claim– More than 15 percent of the TCI claims approved were for care of a family member and (84.8%) were for bonding with a child.

    Reason for Claim – The majority (82.4%) of TCI Claims approved were for bonding with a newborn, followed by care of a spouse (6.5%) and care of a child at (5.1%).

    TCI Payments – During the month of August, 2,223 TCI payments totaling $1.3 million were issued. TCI payments averaged $574 per week.

    To Date – 8,508 TCI initial claims have been filed accounting for 25.6 percent of the 33,182 TDI applications filed in 2019.

    To learn more, file a claim, or inquire about eligibility, please visit:

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