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  • Spring Forward!

    We're finally over the last hurdle of the doldrums of Winter, and Spring is right around the corner. When you're looking to increase your natural intake of Vitamin D, here's some quick ideas for stretching those legs in the great outdoors. 

    Here are a few favorite springtime activities for seniors that are good for the soul:

    1. Choose a local park or nature trail for walks.

    Many landmarks, local parks and even nature trails are appropriate for seniors (and are wheelchair accessible)! Do a little research ahead of time to find out what outdoor nature destination is a good choice for yourself or a senior loved one.

    2. Eat outdoors at a fancy restaurant.

    Good company, food and a fancy ambiance are all a recipe for success. Satisfy your palate and take time for some quality bonding.

    3. Enjoy tourist attractions.

    Whether it’s local landmarks, historical sites or sporting events, tourist attractions are good for the mind and for combating cabin fever. Let your senior choose their destination.

    4. Go fishing.

    If both you and an elderly loved one are mobile, you can venture to many fishing spots, but even those who are wheelchair bound can cast from a pier or bridge over a creek or river. Peruse your area for the perfect fishing spot.

    5. Go on a picnic.

    Pack a delicious lunch with a comfortable blanket and enjoy the outdoors, picnic style. You can bring binoculars for bird watching, books to read, or cards for some outdoor game-fun.

    6. Go see a show.

    Whether a local theatre production or a fancy opera; getting dressed up and having a fun evening watching a show adds not only a little fun to senior-life but also some culture.

    7. Invest in a bird feeder for bird watching.

    Birds provide beautiful visuals and entertainment, and springtime bird chirping signals the opportune time to invest in a feeder. Whether blue jays or hummingbirds, bird feeders attract nature to your yard. You and an elder can even build your own for a little extra fun.

    8. Partake in spring cleaning.

    When there’s light outside coming in through the windows, clutter and dust are suddenly visible. It’s always healthy to do a little spring cleaning to create a comfortable ambiance. You might even want to put up a spring wreath and other fresh decorations. Here are some decorating tips to help with the transformation.

    9. Plant an herb garden.

    To go along with healthy eating, a modest herb garden provides not only gardening fun, but also healthy and tasty ingredients for your favorite dishes.

    10. Visit a farmers market.

    There’s nothing like fresh fruits, vegetables and local arts and crafts to inspire elders. Getting out into the fresh air with other adults, children and often pets is also beneficial for seniors. It might be fun to choose a recipe before the outing to help inspire the palette with organic food as you peruse the market.

    11. Visit a nursery.

    Nurseries are an excellent place for seniors to visit because they can partake in their indoor and outdoor plant preferences, which adds to the excitement factor. Beautifying both indoors and outdoors provides some color and enjoyable ambiance for your senior.

    12. Watch the Food Network for savory spring recipes.

    The Food Network offers great cooking shows and recipe ideas for springtime rejuvenation and healthy living.

    ** Reprinted: A Place for Mom **

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