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  • Simplifying the Home Care Process


    We often receive phone calls from families inquiring about our services, and we’re entirely grateful for each family we provide care for. One scenario that tends to be fairly consistent for people is they can need care urgently for a loved one, yet they may not realize the steps necessary to implement a care plan properly. In this week’s blog we’re taking a quick review of how the One Solution Home Care services are provided. Let’s start with a common scenario: A spouse or parent is being discharged from a care facility (i.e.: Hospital, Rehabilitation Center), and additional care is needed immediately. Family members have to return to work, or perhaps a spouse may be infirmed themselves and unable to meet the demands of daily caregiving. When this happens, we’re here to help. But some steps need to be followed in order to ensure quality of care:

    1. Upon receiving your phone call, we will schedule an appointment for our staff Registered Nurse to visit your home.

    2. Our RN will complete a full in-home assessment covering over 30 points.

    3. A Care Plan will be drawn up incorporating both our skilled assessment along with family input.

    4. One Solution Home Care has simplified contracting, and we’ll present both the Care Plan and Client Agreement for an authorized signature.

    5. Upon signing the necessary paperwork, we’ll provide you with our staff options for caregivers.

    6. Caregiving commences.

    7. The entire process usually takes approximately three days. For particularly complex cases located throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island, our average is two days post-signature.

    We hope this breakdown of the necessary steps for families to follow proves helpful. Selecting a homecare agency for your loved one can be incredibly stressful. We want to take the guesswork out of the process, and let you focus on your family and loved ones.

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