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  • Senior Ingenuity Meets a Growing Need


    Yesterday, we came across an article that caught our attention. The headline reads ‘ Retiree Decides to Spend Rest of Life at Holiday Inn, Since it’s Cheaper than a Senior Home’. 61-year-old Terry Robinson, a reasonably healthy and infinitely clever recent retiree has opted to invest his pension and funding into living where most of us only pass through.

    Why would he do such an outrageous thing? It’s simple, really. It’s less expensive. After crunching the numbers, Terry realized he could receive many of the same amenities at a hotel, than a far more costly nursing facility. Let’s look at the numbers: With his ‘Senior Discount’, the cost for a private room works out to less than $60 per day. On average, a daily rate for a nursing facility is $188 per day. This shift allots Terry a savings of $128.00 per day in which he can pay for meals, entertainment, and so on.

    Paying for senior care can be a crushing experiment in poverty for so many people as we age. The desire to remain at home or at least independent is something we can all relate to. According to CNBC, the annual expense of a private room in a nursing home hit the six-figure threshold as of October 2018. Nursing home care is typically meant for people who are not self-sufficient and involves assistance by trained medical staff.

    Let’s consider the quality of care. Many nursing facilities are wonderful, but the reality is by many State mandates, a patient only legally needs to receive just over two hours of daily care from staff. That’s a statistic many families don’t realize when they finalize arrangements for their loved one.

    Before you pursue either option, a bridge solution is quality in home care. That’s where One Solution Home Care comes in. We can help fill the gap with experienced caregivers who treat your family member like one of ours. It can be a perfect solution for your loved one, and there’s no checkout time. Give us a call today to schedule your no-cost in home assessment covering 30 safety points and see how we can help you. It’s not just a job, it’s our passion!

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