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Is Infusion Therapy something you or a loved one may need?
Infusion therapy is a way of administering medicine, nutrients or special fluids directly into the body, which is often more effective than oral treatments. Option Care’s infusion therapies are a safe and effective alternative to inpatient care, with over 2 million patients annually receiving care. Common services include infusion therapy for heart failure, chronic inflammatory disorders, nutrition support, anti-infective, etc.

Phone Number: (401) 431-1300
Services Area: Nationwide 
Is a loved one or friend diagnosed with this cancer? Here is some help. 
Mesothelioma is a rare cancer caused by exposure to asbestos particles and affects the lining of the lungs, heart, and abdomen. The average latency period that mesothelioma takes to develop is anywhere from 20-40 years. Since this period is so long, mesothelioma usually affects older adults in their 60’s and 70’s. We specialize in connecting patients with doctors and treatment options that are best suited for them. Our information services and resources are 100% free to patients and family members.
Phone Number: (888) 385-2024
Service Area: Nationwide 

For when you need expert guidance in selecting services and creating a care plan.
Assist families in finding the proper Assisted Living/Nursing Home.Provide a comprehensive assessment for the senior including safety in the home, physical capability, mental capacity, evaluate their finances including bank accounts, savings bonds, etc. so their assets are protected and available, review legal documents to make sure they are up to date, make recommendations for supports and provide a list of agencies that can provide supports. 
Phone Number: (401)787-2881


Service Area: Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut 

Does someone you love need additional monitoring at an affordable price? 

Next Monitoring is a family owned independent small business servicing all of RI and Massachusetts. The Founder, Ray Melanson is a Master Electrician who oversees all installations. They offer GPS, Fall Detection, and extended range devices for your peace of mind. Give them a call! 
Phone Number: (508) 379-6315
Service area: Rhode Island and Massachusetts 

Are you looking for a career in care-giving? Call The Walker School for CNA training courses.

Instructors will train students to build knowledge and clinical skills.  Our Instructors have over 25 years in the medical industry and expertise in Skilled Nursing Facilities, Hospital, Medical Surgical, Rehabilitation, Home Care, School Nursing and Hospice

Did you know that enrollment begins at 16 years old? 

Yes High School Students are able to Enroll! 

Phone Number: (401) 396-9001


Service area: Rhode Island 

Are you unsure of the best next steps for a family member who needs care? 

For more than 20 years, Karen has assisted families through crisis intervention as well as counseling elderly clients and their respective family members as it pertains to the transition/adjustment to Long Term Care placement to nursing homes. Taking inspiration from the beaches of Rhode Island, she creates  a calm, supportive environment when working with clients and their families to ease the burden during these stressful times.

Phone Number: (401) 477-0001 


Service area: Rhode island & select Mass. communities 

Have you taken steps to formalize your wishes for the future?
Honoring Choices provides a simple, structured approach to health care planning.  Consumers and health care providers use the same tools kits & discussion guides to make a care plan. Health care providers can match quality care to a person's goals, values and choices to improve everyday healthy living and to plan for future care. 
Phone Number: (508) 862-7661

Are you looking for an amazing Elder Law Attorney? 
Law Offices of Jane E. Sullivan, Estate Planning, Probate & Elder Law 

At the Law Offices of Jane E. Sullivan, we focus on all aspects of Estate Planning, with a special emphasis on Elder Law. We know how to put all the right legal and financial pieces in place to provide for your own financial security and that of your loved ones.

Admitted in: Massachusetts
Phone Number: (508) 679-0535
Do you or a loved one have a diagnosis and need support & resources? 

Pleural Mesothelioma Center

This aggressive cancer is typically brought on from exposure to

asbestos. The MP Center can offer you one on one support for locating physicians, treatment, and emotional support. 

Areas Served: National 

Phone Number: (407) 734-1225


Do you need a cost-effective repair for your pearly whites?

Denture Repair Lab offers affordable denture repair services directly to the general public, no dentist appointment needed.

All types of removable dental appliances repaired same day. 

Spare dentures made at low cost.

Areas Served: RI & MA

Phone Number: (401) 725-5777


home medical
Are you needing a referral for specific medical equipment? 
Company Name: Home Medical Equipment and Service Association of New England
Service: Dedicated to supporting providers of home medical equipment, home oxygen, infusion therapy and complex rehab with leadership, knowledge, and advocacy.
Phone Number: (508) 993-0700

Home Healthsmith
Getting your home ready to care for a loved on? 
Company Name: Home Healthsmith
Service: Stairlifts & Ramps, Elevator Sales & Services, Ceiling & Portable Lifts, Home Safety Repair, Home Modifications.
Phone Number: (855) 447-6484

Did you know Massachusetts and Rhode Island offer low interest loans (MA), and a 50% reimbursable grant (RI) for seniors who need home modifications? Click below!