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  • Resolve to Make 2019 Wonderful with Us!

    Happy New Year

    As we’re about to cross the finish line of this year, and head into 2019, it’s everyone’s time to reflect and plan for the next twelve months. The definition of ‘resolution’ is “A firm decision to do or not to do something”. Let’s eschew the things that perhaps didn’t serve us the past year, and look forward to another fresh start.

    Some serious and some seemingly silly resolutions for crossing the 2019 threshold in style

    Stay Active! We’re not suggesting you attempt the Boston Marathon (yet) but making the effort to increase your motion daily will assist you with keeping your joints healthy, boost your cardiovascular system, and help burn off those holiday indulgences. If you're just getting started, Harvard Health Publications recommended committing 10 minutes of your day to exercise, with a gradual increase as it becomes a habit.

    Speak Up! Over 6 million of our seniors suffer from depression, and many more will not be diagnosed or receive treatment. If you’re feeling the post-holiday blues may be more than a passing thing, please make sure you tell your family, friends, caregiver from One Solution Home Care and Physician.

    Sweet Tooth? We all have one, admit it. It’s a rare person who can happily walk away from the lure of a dessert. All of us, particularly those who may be pre-diabetic, diabetic, or actively monitoring their glucose, try and seek some tasty alternatives. Cinnamon, Dates, and even bananas can be a satisfying substitute. For those of us who love their chocolate? Dark chocolate is also perfectly fine.

    Don’t Fall for it! A fall can bring devastating consequences for our seniors. Make sure all your carpets and rugs are secured with anti-slip devices. One we like is available on Amazon for just $7.99!

    Give your brain a workout! We’ve been posting a lot about the benefits of nuerobic activity, and exercises to keep your mind sharp. Interestingly enough it doesn’t need to involve a pencil and paper. Why don’t you:

    · Brush teeth with your non-dominant hand

    · Turn familiar objects upside down (literally) – photos, greeting cards, magazines can all make your brain work harder!

    For more suggestions tailored to you, give One Solution Home Care a call today. Our team can work with your family to ensure that your 2019 is the best it can be. We wish you and yours a Happy New Year and look forward to serving your care needs in the new year.

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