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  • Read this before you hire a Craigslist private caregiver!

    5 year lookback

    This past week I attended a seminar held by our local Chamber of Commerce. The guest speaker is a well known RI Gerontologist and Ombudsman, Deb Burton. The presentation was very insightful, and while I took many notes, one piece of information was a bit startling: The Medicaid 5 year look back period.

    Why should we care about this? Isn’t it true that once you spend your ‘un-allocated’ assets, Medicaid automatically kicks in? The answer is not necessarily. Depending on how you spent your assets can have a profound impact on your eligibility and penalties which may be assessed.

    We’ll give you an example: You and your family determine you need home care to begin. Rather than call an agency, you place an advertisement on a site like Craigslist. Naturally, you’ll get a lot of responses, because most private care positions can ‘pay under the table’ for a lower rate than you’d pay a professional agency.

    It almost seems to good to be true, and unfortunately, it is. Once you run through your assets its time to apply for Medicaid coverage. We’re all familiar with the ‘5 year look back period’, but how are my undocumented expenses for caregiving going to be viewed? The answer is not well. In fact, without receipts, and solid documentation, you may find yourself fighting to get coverage. The other possibility is you’ll be penalized with either a period of ineligibility or denied all together. Typically they will look at the average home care rate for your State ( In RI it’s @25,000k annually) and deny your eligibility for a length of time determined to equal the money spent which cannot be accounted for.

    When it comes to your family’s care, please don’t risk it with a potentially unsafe online hire. One Solution Home Care was launched exactly for this reason. We give people a skilled professional for your loved on, while providing you with the needed proof of expenditure via monthly statements. Please contact us today to discover the One Solution Home Care difference.


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