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  • June is Alzheimer's Brain Health Month!


    What are you doing to keep your brain healthy? A healthy diet, exercise, and restorative sleep are all key components to preserving your cognitive ability. Studies are narrowing in on more potential contributors to the likelihood of developing Dementia. One of them may be your cholesterol level.

    A link between the more common late-onset form of Alzheimer's and high 'bad' cholesterol has been established by multiple studies, but the type of disease that sets in before age 65 is not as well understood.

    Now, researchers working with the Atlanta Veteran's Affairs hospital and Emory University have found that blood cholesterol may significantly raise risks for early-onset disease - whether or not you have the dreaded 'Alzheimer's gene.'

    The new study's findings suggest that a healthier diet might help stave off the onset of crippling memory loss.

    Which foods can help drive down your LDL or ‘bad cholesterol’ numbers?


    Fish and Omega-3’s

    Olive Oil

    Almonds and other Nuts

    Whey Protein


    Please make sure you speak with your healthcare provider to ensure your levels are getting checked regularly, especially after age 65.

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