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    It’s not easy getting old! We joke and poke fun at the aging process, but the reality is it can be a challenge to maintain your quality of life, while becoming increasingly dependent on external resources.

    If you’re like us, navigating through the elder care system and programs can be an overwhelming task. Where do you start? How can you find the care and service options you need? Fortunately, there’s a new option you need to be aware of. was launched recently by a highly skilled Gerontologist, Deb Burton. Deb also operates Seniors Choice Consulting, which serves all of Rhode Island.

    What makes RIElderInfo different? It’s intuitive and clean layout aside, the site provides clear directions for visitors based on their role in the care continuum. Whether you’re a Senior needing services, a Caregiver seeking specific program options, or both, this web portal has you covered.

    One of the most impressive features isn’t really a feature at all, but instead it’s the sheer completeness of the listings, and having it broken down by town makes searching simple. It also takes the guesswork out of wondering if you qualify for city/town specific resources.

    You can locate food options (including a terrific food pantry in Newport who deliver!), investigate local transportation options, and contact activity centers for when you’re feeling social. We think you’ll be surprised of all the hidden gems for seniors many people aren’t aware of.

    We’re very pleased to let you know about RIElderInfo, it’s founder Deb and the tremendous resource available to all local families.

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  • Deb Burton Thank you for sharing Dawn. It is so important to get the word out!
    Deb Burton - May 02, 2019.
  • Dawn Douglas You are very welcome. We need all the resources we can get out there.
    Dawn Douglas - May 02, 2019.
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