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  • Caregiver Theft Concerns We Take Seriously


    Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of visiting one of our local Councils on Aging in Massachusetts. I was invited to come spend some time with their very fun and wonderful ‘Lovely Ladies’ group who meet at the end of each week. To say they were lovely would be an understatement. They were charming, vivacious and so much fun to chat with. We talked about One Solution Home Care services, and their families, and even their pets. While one of the lovely ladies was showing me photos of her brother’s beloved pup, a very real concern was brought to my attention. It’s been on my mind since Friday and it’s now the topic of this week’s blog: Caregiver Theft.

    It’s a very real concern for all of us whether we are elderly or not. When you hire an individual or company to come into your residence for any reason, there’s always the possibility they may take property that does not belong to them. This particular type of theft seems even more shocking when we consider the victim may be frail, vulnerable, and in many cases suffer from Dementia.

    When hiring an agency to come provide care for a family member or loved one, it’s important to do your homework. Check with the Better Business Bureau, ask for proof of bonding and insurance for caregivers. Take the time to consult with friends and your local Councils on Aging to ask for recommendations.

    At One Solution Home Care, we take client protection very seriously. All caregivers undergo thorough background checks including fingerprinting and CORI database inquiries. We check references, and former employers to ensure we’re hiring the best possible candidates. Because our team member turnover is so low, we can vet prospective caregivers much more intensely. Our scrutiny is your security the person coming to provide care will do their job professionally and ethically.

    Whenever we recruit a new member of our team, part of the orientation process is to explain in great detail that – at no time – will a caregiver accept any type of ‘gift’ from a client. When this happens, we contact the family to have the gift in question removed from the home. Though these instances are extraordinarily rare, historically it’s been when a client suffers from Dementia, or feels so bonded with their caregiver they want to give them a present. It’s a touching sentiment, but we have policies in place to ensure our clients and their families feel comfortable and secure with our team.

    A couple of quick tips for families:

    1. Check your checkbooks! Take a moment to contact the banking institution and confirm the balance reflected in the ledger is accurate. Also be sure to check activity for any suspicious transactions.

    2. Do you have a Durable Power of Attorney in place? If not, do it now. There are many template versions available online, or consult with your family’s attorney.

    3. Caregiver and client bonds are normal and healthy – to a point. If your family member is regaling you with stories of a caregiver’s dire financial status, it’s a red flag.

    Aging and illness are inevitable for all of us, and many of us will need to rely on outside help to maintain a good quality of life. Before you fall victim to a less reputable caregiver’s actions, give us a call today to meet our team and discover the One Solution Home Care difference.

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