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  • Focus on Educational Excellence: HITEP Makes the Grade

    In this weeks’ blog we’re taking a short break from the educational content we like to offer, and focusing on a local resource for actual C.N.A education! We had the pleasure to visit with the amazing team at HITEP, located on Elmwood Avenue in Providence. Here’s what we learned.

    Opened in 2007, HITEP was created to address one growing economic need: Opportunity for men and women who want to pursue a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant, but might have some challenges with transportation and tuition payment. It's a decisively urban setting, but with a wildly diverse student body. Students as young as sixteen up to sixty are signing up to attend HITEP, and for good reason. 

    Hernan Padilla, HITEP’s CEO has an enormously warm and friendly personality, with a great handshake. He sat down to offer his perspective on ...

  • Noise and Air Pollution May Increase the Risk of Dementia

    If you live in New England, and more importantly reside in either Rhode Island or Southeastern Massachusetts, it’s likely you call a city ‘home’. We’re flanked on all sides by industry, multi-family housing units, and an average of one vehicle for every two residents. That’s a lot of exhaust fumes, radios blaring and roadwork machinery to absorb!

    In a recently published peer reviewed study featured in ‘BMJ Open’, a leading medical journal, some startling assertions are being made which link where we live to our risk of developing Dementia. The study states “ More recently research has also extended to the role of environmental risk factors and dementia, where a large systematic review identified moderate evidence for an association with eight different factors including air pollution. While air pollution is a ...

  • Rhode Island Medicaid & Veteran's Administration Updates

    We have a few big announcements to make that we know you’ll like! As many of you know, One Solution Home Care has historically serviced clients via Long Term Care Insurance and Private-Pay options. This year the request for our services has been growing at an unprecedented rate. We want to be able to provide our consistently excellent care for as many families as possible. In order to do that, we have expanded our reimbursement options.

    One Solution Home Care is now an official accredited Home Health Provider for the Rhode Island Medicaid Program.

    We also have joined up with the Veteran’s Administration to provide our services to those who need quality home health care.

    We know you have options when you look to hire a caregiver agency. With your ...

  • The Inflammation Situation

    A recent study from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, has found that individuals who have an increase in inflammation during midlife – that is maintained into late life – have greater abnormalities in the brain’s white matter, ultimately affecting cognitive function and possibly leading to dementia.

    The study from Johns Hopkins analyzed data from over 1,500 participants over a 21-year period. The team tracked levels of a blood biomarker of inflammation called a “C-reactive protein” and then looked at that biomarker’s relationship with dementia.

    In the study, participants visited researchers five times, an average of every three years. During the final visit, participants had an MRI scan to reveal white matter damage in the brain. Following the first visit, researchers also collected blood samples from ...

  • Some Things are Better Left Unsaid

    As a Caregiver or either the formal or informal variety we can all agree that our interactions with those with Dementia can be challenging. As many people start to become symptomatic, even before a confirmed diagnosis is made, how we react to them can be critical towards maintaining that relationship lifeline as the disease progresses.

    Here’s some helpful tips on things we should try to avoid saying to those with Dementia:

    "Don't you remember?"

    Alzheimer's dementia robs the brain of its ability to remember. There is damage to the specialized area of the brain (the hippocampus) which acts as a filing clerk.

    It's job is to take new information, sort it and file it away to be used later. When the hippocampus isn’t working, new information that enters the brain just dissolves away as if it ...