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  • Combating Senior Loneliness

    Getting older is hard enough as it is. Our bodies begin to slow down, we’re managing sometimes multiple chronic conditions, and in many cases have to surrender our drivers’ license for our own safety. All of that can leave you feeling isolated, depressed, and terribly lonely. It can be excruciating to watch the life you built slip away. Having your once robust social calendar replaced by Doctors appointments and awaiting a daily meal delivery from one of many home meal programs.

    Even though it’s only an estimated 20% of seniors who do live alone, more than 47% report feeling lonely. In addition to these findings, a study from the AARP also found that many seniors today face social issues that only add to their feelings of isolation and loneliness. This study found that 45 percent of seniors age 65 and over are separated or widowed, 42

    Feb 25, 2019
  • Diabetes Type ll as a Precursor for Alzheimer’s Disease?

    America seems to be in the grips of a Diabetes explosion. In 2015, over 30.3 million of us have been diagnosed with one form of the disease. Another 84.1 million Americans are considered ‘Pre-diabetic’, and left untreated, have a likelihood of progressing to a confirmed Diabetic diagnosis. Some positive news does exist for millions who make lifestyle modifications to stave off becoming medication dependent. Increasing your activity levels, fine-tuning your diet, and a set sleep schedule have proven to be incredibly effective for many people spurred to action by a pre-diabetic confirmation.

    In some cases, however, a full Diabetic diagnosis can be inevitable. When that happens, patients can be prescribed Insulin to help control their blood sugar. Insulin works in tandem with the pancreas and the liver to moderate the amount of sugar in

    Feb 18, 2019
  • Read this before you hire a Craigslist private caregiver!
    5 year lookback

    This past week I attended a seminar held by our local Chamber of Commerce. The guest speaker is a well known RI Gerontologist and Ombudsman, Deb Burton. The presentation was very insightful, and while I took many notes, one piece of information was a bit startling: The Medicaid 5 year look back period.

    Why should we care about this? Isn’t it true that once you spend your ‘un-allocated’ assets, Medicaid automatically kicks in? The answer is not necessarily. Depending on how you spent your assets can have a profound impact on your eligibility and penalties which may be assessed.

    We’ll give you an example: You and your family determine you need home care to begin. Rather than call an agency, you place an advertisement on a site like Craigslist. Naturally, you’ll get a lot of responses, because most private care positions can ‘pay under

    Feb 08, 2019
  • Who's On Your Team?

    Super Bowl fifty-three took place last night in Atlanta, Georgia and as predicted The New England Patriots were victorious in securing their sixth victory. Tens of millions of viewers tuned in from around the country, and around the globe to see Tom Brady lead his team to an impressive win over the Los Angeles Rams.

    It got me to thinking about the power of teamwork, and the need to have a level of accountability for all those included in a team. Let’s talk about what a team really is. It’s a group of people who come together to work towards a common goal. We have teams of our own in everyday life. Coworkers, family members, even club members become part of ‘our team’. When one member of the team falls ill or sustains an injury, it’s only right that the remaining members work to make up the difference

    When your team is your family,

    Feb 04, 2019
  • Caregiver Theft Concerns We Take Seriously

    Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of visiting one of our local Councils on Aging in Massachusetts. I was invited to come spend some time with their very fun and wonderful ‘Lovely Ladies’ group who meet at the end of each week. To say they were lovely would be an understatement. They were charming, vivacious and so much fun to chat with. We talked about One Solution Home Care services, and their families, and even their pets. While one of the lovely ladies was showing me photos of her brother’s beloved pup, a very real concern was brought to my attention. It’s been on my mind since Friday and it’s now the topic of this week’s blog: Caregiver Theft.

    It’s a very real concern for all of us whether we are elderly or not. When you hire an individual or company to come into your residence for any reason, there’s always the possibility

    Jan 28, 2019