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  • Keeping Your Home Clean During COVID19

    Probably one of the most disturbing details to recently emerge about COVID-19 is just how long the virus can live on surfaces. Another scary thought? The fact that an estimated 42% of us aren’t even cleaning those surfaces properly.

    This is all particularly unsettling considering that highly trafficked places like grocery stores and gas stations are teeming with germs, and now you run the danger of bringing it all home with you—on your clothing, your bags, your phone, and more.

    We wanted to find out just how long the virus can survive on various household surfaces, and how to stop it from spreading throughout your home. So we called on several seasoned experts for advice. Here’s everything you need to know about keeping your home virus-free at the height of the outbreak.

    How long the virus survives—and where it ...

  • Our Work in the Field Continues

    We hope everyone is staying healthy and doing their part to slow the spread of COVID-19. As we’re now entering into the predicted peak of the pandemic, here’s how we’re working to stay ahead of the virus while providing lifesaving care for our clients, old and new.

    One Solution Home Care takes safety very seriously. To date, we’re happy to report not a single team member has tested positive for Coronavirus. We know it’s a concern for our clients, and we’ve taken steps to address it quickly. Our wonderful CNA's and Homemakers have been truly heroic in maintaining their already busy schedules and often stepping up to help with several new clients who have joined us.

    How are we working to protect everyone?

    Because when you work in healthcare, you need to prepare well in advance for nearly every type ...

  • Important Update From OSHC
    We would like everyone to know we are still working out of our office in East Providence for both RI and MA. We have a small team of 3 people tackling the office and schedules, as well as keeping our Caregivers and families informed through this challenging time.

    We have armed all of our Caregivers and clients with face masks, gloves and hand sanitizers. We have a strong team of Caregivers who have done a phenomenal job finding alternative care for their children, so they can continue to provide quality care to our clients. Our families have been very cooperative and understanding, and I want to thank you all for that.

    We are following the RI DOH guidelines and are implementing Standard Universal precautions with all of our caregivers . We have a great team of CNAs and Caregivers working closely with us so we can ...
  • Spring Forward!
    We're finally over the last hurdle of the doldrums of Winter, and Spring is right around the corner. When you're looking to increase your natural intake of Vitamin D, here's some quick ideas for stretching those legs in the great outdoors. 

    Here are a few favorite springtime activities for seniors that are good for the soul:

    1. Choose a local park or nature trail for walks.

    Many landmarks, local parks and even nature trails are appropriate for seniors (and are wheelchair accessible)! Do a little research ahead of time to find out what outdoor nature destination is a good choice for yourself or a senior loved one.

    2. Eat outdoors at a fancy restaurant.

    Good company, food and a fancy ambiance are all a recipe for success. ...

  • Game On! Senior Brain Training Gets Fun.
    If you are healthy and younger than 65, stimulating your brain with activities and games can keep your mind sharp later in life (unless you develop a dementia-related disease or have a stroke or a head injury). If you currently have some form of dementia, brain games and “active mind” activity can still help.

    There are plenty of online games and apps available to play on the computer, your cell phone, or tablet. Some are free and some ...